Sharon Kane

Sharon Kane

sharon_mainSHARON KANE grew up in Indiana, the child of an artist/writer  mother (Eunice Young Smith) and engineer father. She began her art  career at the age of nine when she had a drawing published in Children's Activities Magazine (now Highlights For Children) and the thrill of  seeing her work in print got in her blood. Soon many more of her  pictures, stories and poems found their way to that and other children's magazines. She was a steady contributor to Child Life and The Christian Science Monitor.

As a teen her art was published in Scholastic  Magazine and Seventeen Magazine and The South Bend Tribune. At 17 she  stepped into the professional arena when she created a teen age cartoon, "BUTTONS AN' BEAUX", which was syndicated in newspapers across the  country. Through this she was able to finance her college education and  graduation from the University of Wisconsin in 1954.

At  25  she wrote and illustrated her first children's book, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TODAY?, published by Albert Whitman & Co. Chicago.

Over the  next twenty years, while being married and raisinageg children, she  illustrated more than 25 picture books for Golden Press and Rand McNally with titles such as MY BABY SISTER, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, MY COUNTING BOOK, COUNTING RHYMES, GIANT GOLDEN BOOK OF STORYTIME TALES, TIE MY  SHOE, PEEK-A-BOO, TIME FOR A RHYME, LITTLE MOMMY, THE FARMER IN  THE DELL, THE PET PARADE, TIME FOR EVERYTHING, BEDTIME STORIES, THE  CHRISTMAS SNOWMAN and many others. Her work has reached children in  every English speaking country in the world. Many of her books, now out  of print, are collector's items. In 1991 she was invited to contribute  representative works to be permanently held and displayed by the  NORTHERN INDIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY in South Bend, Indiana, her place of birth. Today her creativity continues with watercolor  paintings produced as prints for framing, warmly expressing her abiding  love for children and the wonders of childhood.

For those of you that enjoy Sharon's books, Her newest  book, Kitty & Me, was released on October 7, 2014. See it here at  Amazon.com. Kitty & Me

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