Since the prices in Collecting Little Golden Books are for 1st edition in VF - NM condition. How do I put a value on reprints?

Because some titles had many reprints and others maybe only one it is a difficult question. A 2nd edition of one would be worth more than another. If you know the book had many reprints (example.. LittleĀ  Red Riding Hood, Bedtime Stories and The Poky Little Puppy). A reprint would not be worth much, unless it was an edition with the original pages. Reprints of books that have less pages than the original should be a lotĀ  less. If the book had only one reprint then it could sell for close to original value.

Well, then how do I know how many reprints a book had? You don't.. But if you're holding a 4th printing and the sellers is asking a price that you'd pay for a first let him know what its worth to you and why. All he can say is NO.