Mickey Mouse Club Spine Books

How many Disney Little Golden Books were printed with the Mickey Mouse Club Spine?

The following 31 titles had the Mickey Mouse Club spine.

D3 Dumbo

D4 Snow White

D6 Uncle Remus

D7 Bambi

D8 Pinocchio

D14 Donald Duck's Adventure

D15 Mickey Mouse's Picnic

D16 Santa's Toy Shop

D18 Donald Duck's Toy Train

D27 Donald Duck and Santa Claus

D32 Mickey Mouse and Pluto Pup

D33 Mickey Mouse Goes Christmas Shopping

D35 Seven Dwarfs Find a Home

D39 Donald Duck's Christmas Tree

D41 Donald Duck's Safety Book

D44 Donald Duck in Disneyland

D46 Little Man of Disneyland

D47 Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race

D48 Robin Hood

D49 Donald Duck Prize Driver

D50 Jiminy Cricket Fire Fighter

D51 Mother Goose

D52 Goofy Movie Star

D53 Mickey Mouse Flies the Christmas Mail

D54 Perri and Her Friends

D55 Donald Duck and the Mouseketeers

D56 Peter and the Wolf

D58 Cinderella's

D59 Cinderella

D61 Sleeping

D67 Seven Dwarfs Find a House