How To Erase Markings In Books

How to erase pencil markings in books.

When erasing pencil marks on LGB's I recommend holding the page down firmly with your fingers. The reason for this is that if you don't you may wrinkle or rip the page. Whenever possible always erase in the  same direction. My ersaser of choice is the gray  kneading eraser, but I also use a pink or the white rubber erasers. I like the gray because  it seem to get into the indentations left they the pencil better then  the others. The white eraser is good when the gray doesn't work but  depending on the paper the pink can leave a pink stain. If the marks  were made by a hard pencil you're still going to have an imprint on the  page. When erasing remember to erase as softly as possible. Don't try   to remove it all in one erase, all you'll end up doing is ripping the  page.  

The Mono Sand Erase will erase pen ink. It doesn’t really erase the ink as much as it removes the paper. If you do to much erasing you will erase a hole in the page.  Works good on names on the front inside cover. Again be careful or you can remove the paper down to the cardboard in the cover.