Estimating A Books Print Year

 How can I tell the year that my book was published, since I can't date by copyrights?

If  your book was printed during the original numbering 1-600 or  Disney D1-D139 you can get close to the printing  date of your book by  useing the titles on the back cover.  For example you have, # 25  The  Taxie That Huried and the copyright is 1946. By just looking at the  titles on the back cover you can tell instantly that this book was done later because one of the book listed is the Jetsons.  The Jetsons  wasn't done as a cartoon until the 1960's.  Now that just proves that  the book is not as  old as the copyright once you to believe but how do I get closer to the date of publication?  Take the last book listed in the book I'm useing it's #538 Bedtime Stories , since this title was  published earlier we would use the 2nd to the last title which is # 531  Pebbles Flintstone.  By using my guide we would look up #531 Pebbles  Flintstone and see that it has a copyright of 1963.  We now now that our copy of  The Taxie That Huried was printed between 1963 - 1964 .  Add a year to cover a later printing.  You can also use the Disney  listing but depending on the period there are more reprints.