Vivienne Blake

vivienneVivienne Blake McCandless Demuth
Born: March 8, 1916 in Nutley, New Jersey.
Died: December 26, 2015

Vivienne attended the American School of Design in New York. She had a  successful lifelong career in design and illustration, which included  designing children’s toys for Fisher-Price, and work as an artist/art  director at Norcross Greeting Cards. Vivienne wrote and illustrated many beloved childrenā’s books, including Mrs. Duck’s Lovely Day, Three  Little Kittens, Little Golden Book A to Z, and many others.

Artist for Norcross Pub. Co. 1936-1940.
Illustrator for Fisher Price Toys 1950-1975.
Illusrtated for many children's book publishers from 1957-1980. Illustrated the Little Golden Book The Alphabet from A-Z